Born in 1980, I have held a pencil or a lump of ceramic clay in my hand from very early memory. I received art training from my mother, an excellent sculptor, and have self-trained from old masters and modern art as well as from observation of nature. I view myself as a sculptor, even when drawing; to me, the firm lines of charcoal are a solid reality, like the contours of wet clay or the cut into paper or print-block.

        I have been producing sculptures in handmade ceramic clays - terracotta and stoneware from formulas designed by my sister Amy Myers - since 2003. In 2013 I began a long series of drawings in minimal line, inspired to create simple images that would directly express the essence of a face or form.

        All eras of art, from ancient artifacts to modern painting and sculpture, hold excitement, imagery, ideas for me.

       Currently I live in the Sonoran Desert, in Arizona. The light that pours over this stark land has proved a great help and an inspiration. Everything stands revealed in the desert noon; the minuscule detail, the bracing contrast. Black and white, light and shadow, the barren and the fruitful, in a form without gradation, comes running in an invisible river over the influences of great art and cultures from the past, combining two worlds of past and future in front of me even as I work.